Wednesday, October 16, 2019

About Us

PU Tech Co., has more than 14 years experience in developing new technologies for Recycling Waste Polymers (Waste Rubber, PET and Polyurethane), Polyurethane industry and Polymer based floor coating.
In 2009, thanks to a technical know-how innovated and developed in our R&D department, we started operation of aromatic polyester polyol production line, with an annual capacity of 2400 tons.
PU Tech Co. has two main line of activities; one is design, manufacturing, installation and operation of chemical plants, mainly in the field of Polyurethanes and Resins and the other production of wide range of surfacing materials and industrial products.
Our business approach is creating mutual research and technical skills together with financial and commercial abilities, in order to increase the quality of products and services and open new markets.
we offer consultancy in engineering resins, polymers, adhesives, polymer floor coating and technical problem solving for PU foam producers based on our research and development (R&D) capabilities.